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Stress Test (TMT)

At Sparsh, we use the latest TMT machine from Swiss giant Schiller. The state of the art TMT machine is equipped with the Digital Signal Acquisition Module which eliminates noise & gives distortion free ECG signals.

How should I prepare?

Prior appointment is required for TMT.

For Males: You might be required to shave your chest for TMT and ECG.

Prior to a stress test, one should not eat or drink for a couple of hours. You should, however, be very well hydrated before you begin. One may also be asked to refrain from smoking prior to the test. If you are undergoing some kind of medical treatments take all your medications prior to a stress test unless told otherwise by the physician in charge. All individuals who use heart medications and inhalers for their asthma should bring them to the stress test center. Let the doctor know if you have diabetes; since exercise can lower blood sugar, he or she may want to check your blood sugar level before the test begins.

Comfortable loose clothes for exercising and running shoes are the best clothing items to wear for such a test.




I find the centre well-equipped, sparkling clean and nicely designed.I welcome Sparsh to our locality.
Dr. K.K. Chakrabarti
Loved the layout of the clinic and diagnostic facilities. Wish you all the best.
Dr. Sabyasachi Gon
Very well organised. All the staff are cordial and prompt in giving service. Wish you all the best.
Dr. Sadhan Chakraborty
MBBS, Gold Medallist, CCEBDM
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