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The process of recording an electrical activity of your heart is known as electrocardiogram (ECG).

How is the test performed?

You will be asked to lie down on your back. The technician will take down your medical details. He or she will clean all your areas including arms, legs, and chest and also attach electrode patches in those areas. You will be asked to stay still and hold your breath. Remain calm and relaxed during the procedure of ECG recording. The results might be altered if the device detects any movements like shivering and muscle tremors.
The electrodes are connected to the machine by wires those which are known to convert electrical signals from your heart to wave like lines. These are printed on paper as they are seen and reviewed by the doctor.

How the test will feel?

ECG must be pain free as no electricity is sent through the patient’s body. At first the electrodes may feel cold, and patients may develop some kind of rash and irritation when these patches are placed.

Why is the test performed?

The test is performed to find out if there is any damage caused to the heart. ECG is also done to calculate the pulse rate or your heartbeat per second. ECG helps check if your heart is beating normally. With ECG we can also find out if any drugs or device such as the pacemaker has a wide effect on your health and heart. If you have heart disease, the ECG test will reveal the details. You might need a doctor’s appointment if you have palpitations or chest pain. This may be a requirement for patients above the age of 40.



There is absolutely no risk as we do not send any electricity through the body, neither there is any risk of shock.


While some heart conditions are not easily detected, others may not produce any changes to the ECG. A person who has a heart attack may never have a heart disease that might need more than one ECG.



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