Managing Diabetes is As Simple As ABC


A1C Below 6%

• The AlC test reflects your blood glucose control over the past 2-3 months.

• Work with your blood to have your own personal AlC goal.

• Every 1% over 6% elevates the risk for diabetes complications.

• Your blood glucose will stay lower with exercise and restricted calorie intake.

Blood Pressure Below 120/80

• Up to 60% of people with diabetes suffer from High Blood Pressure.

• High blood pressure can cause heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.

• Blood pressure remains low when you restrict sodium in your diet.

Cholesterol & Lipid in Check

• The LDL goal for most people is below 100.

• The HDL goal for most people is above 40 for men and 50 for pre-menopausal women.

• Keep triglycerides lower than 150.

If you have diabetes you are more prone to lipid abnormalities and heart disease

• LDL or ”bad” cholesterol can cause clogging of your blood vessels (atherosclerosis) and cause heart attack or stroke.

• LDL stays low when you eat less saturated fat and cholesterol from animal foods..

• HDL or ”good” cholesterol helps remove cholesterol from your blood vessels.

• HDL stays high when you exercise, eat fish and dietary fibers and lead a healthy life.

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